Car organizer for the seat foldable shelf mini car table black

Car organizer for the seat foldable shelf mini car table black

Car organizer for the seat foldable shelf mini car table black

Car Seat Organizer

Storage space in a car is very important not only during long journeys. Even if you use your car on a daily basis, it is advisable to make use of smart ideas which facilitate transportation of small accessories and improve comfort of driving. While a driver usually has an access to many holders and glove boxes, passengers on the rear seat can expect only pockets in the front seats. A highly capacious and handy storage box will help you change this. Thanks to this product, passengers will keep everything they need at hand.


  • Brand: Hurtel
  • Type: Car storage box
  • Material: Eco-leather
  • Maximum shelf load capacity: 15 kg
  • Installation spot: Rear part of front seat

Content of the set

  • 1 x Car storage box

Major features

  • Easy installation at the back of the seat
  • Many practical glove boxes, holders and pockets
  • Water resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Universal application
  • Perfect during long travels

All necessities at hand

If you travel by car, especially if you cover long distances, for example go on your long-awaited holiday leave, you are required to take a lot of hand luggage with you. It is important that you remember about snacks, drinks, tablet, umbrella and many other items which improve passengers’ comfort (particularly with regard to the youngest passengers). The challenge is to place these items in the car in the way that passengers can conveniently use them and their security is not affected while on the road. The seat-mounted storage box will be a perfect choice in this respect. It has many useful lockers, glove boxes and holders as well as a folding shelf which can be used in two positions. The product will accommodate anything you would like to keep at hand while traveling by car.

Solid manufacture

The storage box has been made of a durable and waterproof material which does not get damaged and soaked. You can easily clean it with the use of a wet cloth because the eco-leather does not absorb dirt. There is more good news. The shelf which you can use in two positions is intended for loads of up to 15 kg. Thanks to this, you can place anything you need on it, for example drinks required on trips.

Watch films while traveling

The storage box is equipped with a tablet holder so that you, as a passenger, can keep yourself amused by watching your favorite films, even if the journey is long. The product will be securely fixed so you don’t need to worry that it may detach and get damaged on the road. You can easily take it out and put in thanks to a handy pocket.

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  • 15.20€
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Συσκευασία Δώρου

Τρόπος και κόστος αποστολής

Οι αποστολές εντός Ελλάδος δεν επιβαρύνονται με έξοδα αποστολής για αγορές άνω των 100 ευρώ.Για αγορές μέχρι και 100 ευρώ τα έξοδα αποστολής είναι 2.5 ευρώ εως 2 κιλά και επιβαρύνουν τον πελάτη.

Ανάλυση Φωτογραφιών

Τα χρώματα στη φωτογραφία ενδέχεται να μην είναι ακριβώς όπως από κοντά με γυμνό μάτι, λόγω των διακυμάνσεων μεταξύ των οθονών ηλεκτρονικών υπολογιστών του κάθε χρήστη.

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