GPS Speedometer Projector Universal 3.5 inch A5 Heads up Display

προσφορά GPS Speedometer Projector Universal 3.5 inch A5 Heads up Display

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Please verify this item is fit for your vehicles before purchasing.

Professional installation is highly recommended if you have any difficult in installation.

Please allow 1-3mm in size deviation due to manual measurement.

Due to the light and shooting angle, pictures may have slightly chromatic aberration.

Please read detail information about the product carfully.

HUD Main Functions & Features:

1. Available for any car, easy to install, plug and play

2. Two mode display: reflect on windshield or directly see on the sit up HUD screen

3. Screen 3.5 inch HD display

4. Multi-color design makes the screen more abundant and easier to read

5. Nano-technology to eliminate double reflections,more clear.

6. Rich Contents: speed,compass, speed alarm,free switch between km and miles

7. Auto power on/off: HUD start and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery;retaining the manual switch mode,more easy to control HUD.

8. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode,driving without glare.

First use of HUD:

When it is the first time to use, please connect car charger to car cigarette lighter, after get charged, red satellite icon flash and start to search the satellite number, when the satellite icon become green color, HUD can work.

HUD Specifications:

Working Voltage: DC8-18V

Working Current: 40mA

Sleeping Current:15mA

Compass Precision: ±1°

Speed Range: 0-400KM

Satellite Positioning Time: Cold Start--30s, Hot Start--1s

HUD Size: 90x54x12mm

12V Car Charger: 1000mA

HUD Weight: 40g

Package Include:

1 x A5 GPS Hud Head Up Display Projector

1 x Car Charger

1 x Anti-slip Pad

1 x Reflective Pasting

1 x Product Manual

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